Friday, September 20, 2013

Raspberry Pi Camera Case

Midweek my Raspberry Pi Camera Module turned up.  The camera came with big scary warnings about protecting the camera module from static.   I was in a hurry to test it out but wanted to keep my fingers off it as much as possible.

Looking around for something that could protect the camera module, I spotted an old SDCard case. It only required a little trimming to accommodate the PCB, add a slot for the ribbon-cable, and a square hole for the lens/camera unit. I was in a hurry - it isn't my tidiest work - I've subsequently added a bit of electrical tape to hide the rather hacked hole I made for the lens.

The case is quite airtight - cooling might be an issue. When summer comes I suppose I could drill an array of small holes. The nice thing about this case is I can imagine using Velcro, rubber bands, etc, to easily position it for any task.

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